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ERP Strategy & IT Roadmap

erp-strategyTED provides advisory services to help you define and frame the right IT and ERP strategy which can support your short term and long term organization’s goals.
A well-developed IT roadmap and ERP Strategy builds upon your organization’s existing strategy and long-terms goals. To sustain and benefit from technologies over time, your organization’s IT strategy and ERP strategy must be aligned with each other so that you can leverage business automation to drive operational efficiency and business profits and have an integrated view of your enterprise wide processes.
Finding the Right Team
To achieve increased productivity and cost savings from new technology, organizations turn to the TED team and rely on our proprietary MasterPlan™ Methodology. With our guidance, your organization can realize the key benefits you want, namely business efficiency and returns on investment.
What and How we Deliver
Assessing your current IT Capabilities and IT Inventory:

TED helps organizations define their enterprise systems strategy by facilitating the following activities:

  • Defining organizational and IT strategic vision for the next three to five years
  • Educating key decision makers about strategic technological trends and best practices via TED’s proprietary ERP SuccessCamp training
  • Assessing the current portfolio of enterprise systems and IT infrastructure
  • Identifying new technology enablement areas – such as mobile, business intelligence or Cloud based systems – that could support your organizational objectives
  • Creating a cost-benefit and ROI analysis for potential replacement systems, such as bespoke applications, old ERP system, supply chain solutions and other core enterprise applications under consideration.
  • Defining an organizational change management strategy to support the defined roadmap
  • Analyzing critical high-value processes and identify opportunities for improvement and business automation
  • Benchmarking current strategy and environment with industry leaders in your business segment

We take a practical approach when it comes to defining enterprise systems strategy. A few high-level concepts we take into consideration include:

  • Organizational structure
  • System Architecture & Design
  • Business applications inventory
  • Current and future IT budgets
  • Key performance indicators

We help your organization maximize the value from your internal enterprise software systems and minimize long-term enterprise system risk and costs while providing a clear strategic roadmap for continuous organizational success.

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ERP Software Evaluation and Selection

erp-evaluationTED advises enterprises of all sizes find the ERP solution that best fits the organizations’ current and future business needs, financial budgets, expected timelines, and vertical industry needs.When it comes to end to end ERP consulting, your organization needs a specialist team that cuts through all the sales hype and zeros in on the core business needs to determine which ERP system and implementation model best suits the current and future enterprise requirements from a business and technology standpoint. As an independent Enterprise consulting house and unbiased technology service provider, we carefully analyze your business needs and recommend only the solution that best fits your specific requirements.In order to achieve the above and and optimize cost and time, organizations turn to the TED team and rely on our proprietary Business Kernel™ methodology to select the best ERP solution that they can run.

Finding the Right and the Best ERP Solution:

  • We take the time and put in the best efforts to ensure we understand your organization, your specific business needs, evaluate your organizational resources find the best fit for your organization.
  • Our consultants are certified on TED’s proprietary MasterFit™ ERP training program, ensuring consistent high quality delivery
  • TED has both ERP selection and implementation expertise with multiple software solutions, including MS Dynamics, SAP and Oracle.
  • We provide full lifecycle, 360 degree ERP consulting services so that you benefit from our hands-on implementation and expert change management, resulting in higher operational efficiency and business profits across the enterprise drives return on investment.
  • By way of in-depth analysis and negotiations with the best capable vendors, we are able to save clients substantial costs and time for our client who want to evaluate and implement a ERP solution
What and How we Deliver
Our Business Kernel™ ERP software selection methodology involves in depth analysis of every key business process , department wise within the organization to arrive at detailed reports to pin point areas of improvement in terms of operational efficiency with metrics for possible ROI and of course the right ERP solution that can enable all of this.

Key Steps include:

  • Business Blueprint Strategic Planning
  • Assessment of Current Systems and Gap Analysis
  • Long term ERP Strategy development & Roadmap Creation
  • Industry Analysis and Software Capability Evaluation
  • Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • Budgetary Analysis and Estimation of Project Timelines
  • Conduct Organizational and Business Readiness Assessment
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Broad ERP Implementation Plan and Analysis
  • Business Scenario Improvements and ROI Plan
  • Final Vendor Analysis and Decision

Business Process Reengineering Services

re-engineeringYour ERP implementation is much more than a technology initiative – it is the right opportunity for you to improve organizational performance by reviewing, optimizing and redesigning your business processes.Customer Quote:
To achieve operational efficiency and a high return on investment from new technology, organizations turn to the TED team and rely on our proprietary BestPath Process™ Methodology. With our integrated approach to ERP consulting, organizations are able to realize the benefits they want , namely cost savings and increased organizational efficiency and productivity. These benefits do not automatically appear when a new technology is implemented. To achieve a high ROI, your organization should begin to improve its processes before selection rather than allow the software functionality to drive these changes.
If you have a vision for your organization, we have the tools to help you achieve it..

What We Deliver

  • Business Process Improvements
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Business Process Reengineering

Case Studies
Once an ERP investment is done, your organization can only ill afford to lose the benefits due to inefficient business processes.

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ERP implementation

erp-implementationWe help your organization maximize implementation output, minimize implementation time and reduce risk.

To achieve operational efficiency and a high return on investment from new technology, organizations turn to the TED team and rely on our proprietary Implementation methodologies .

With our proven and tested ERP implementation approach, your organization is guaranteed to realize the benefits you expect from an investment in ERP systems.


  • TED’s proven methodologies enable organizations to continue operating at maximum capacity with a low risk throughout implementation.
  • On average, TED clients manage to implement ERP software in 15% less time and at 40% less cost than those that do not rely on our guidance.
  • Our Value Discovery Workshop (VDW) services has helped many organizations get their failed ERP implementations back on track.
What We Deliver
TED’s BestPath™ ERP implementation methodology and tools enable organizations to do more with less – and benefit more from – their ERP software systems. Rather than focus strictly on the functional or technical aspects of an implementation, our broad and independent experience allows clients to implement ERP more effectively than if they tried to do it themselves or with a software vendor, system integrator or value-added reseller (VAR).We serve as our clients’ single point of accountability during an ERP implementation by focusing on the following activities:
• 360 degree Project and Program management services focusing on risk, scope, cost, time and resource optimization.
• Comprehensive business process reengineering and workflow definition
• Risk management
• Organizational change management,
• Integration between the core ERP system and processes
• Core Functional, Technical development
• Incorporation of globally acclaimed best practices and systems like lean management, Six Sigma and other industry-specific benchmarks and standards for organizational transformation.
• Upgradation of technical ,Infra and hardware infrastructure
• Alignment of ERP implementation with business requirements
• Tailor made ERP workshops
• Value Discovery Workshop Services
• On-site ERP SuccessCamp trainings

With a team of experts for each leading ERP system in the market, TED can help your organization during every stage of your ERP project.

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ERP Staffing

erp-staffingWe provide the staffing resources necessary to make your ERP implementation a success.

Most organizations do not have the internal resource capacity or expertise to handle the complexities and workload of an ERP implementation. To ensure enterprise system operability and success, organizations often need to expand internal IT teams both in the short- and long-term.

Using onsite, offshore and hybrid model teams and trainings as may be required, TED can help your organization build the best staffing structure possible. We are capable enough to work either with existing HR departments and hiring models or create an independent model specific to your organization’s needs.

We have a global network of experts and sub-contracted consultants. Each team member has been screened and has undergone exhaustive training in our proprietary, proven techniques.

What We Deliver
• A clear focus on organizational readiness, improvement of business metrics and time bound ROI
• Functional and technical expertise in all 3 leading ERP systems : Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle
• Industry knowledge and insight to match your area of business

Below are just some of the leading roles that we can provide for your ERP implementations:

• Functional & Technical experts certified in SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and other top ERP systems
• CIOs
• ERP project managers and program managers
• IT Directors and IT Managers
• Business process analysts
• Solution architects and system integration experts
• Functional experts in core areas like Finance, supply chain management (SCM), warehouse management (WMS), logistics, customer relationship management (CRM) and other key ERP modules
• Business Intelligence Specialists

TED also offers all levels of IT support for ERP software selection and implementations, including end-user training, technical troubleshooting and organizational change management services.

Case Study

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Enterprise Change Management

change-managementRealization of benefits from ERP implementations depend on People, adoption rates and levels and Not Technology

Your ERP implementation is more than a technology initiative. Software alone does not deliver benefits – people do!

Organizations realize the most benefits from their ERP implementations when their implementation team possesses a combination of the above three areas of expertise.

People fear change, and change management is essential to alleviating those fears. For a one-stop solution to ERP consulting, your organization needs a team with expertise in all three components of ERP success, including organizational change management.

To achieve operational efficiency and a high return on investment from new technology, organizations turn to the Panorama team and rely on our proprietary RealChange™ Organizational Change Management Methodology. With our unique approach, organizations are able to realize the benefits they want. These benefits emerge as employees become more comfortable with the applications, new processes, roles and responsibilities

If you have a vision of what a “perfect ERP Post Go Live day” looks like , we have the tools to help you achieve it . . .

What We Deliver
• Change readiness assessment, design and support
• Communications planning and execution
• Training needs analyses and Training materials development
• Post-implementation audit to track and report progress
Our RealChange™ organizational change management methodology allows us to customize our approach to your unique needs, while retaining the elements critical to ERP success:

Case Studies
After investing in an ERP solution, your organization cannot only ill afford to lose benefits to employee fears and low system-usage.

Contact us to learn how our 360 degree approach to ERP consulting can maximize your ROI.

Business Intelligence

BI Strategy

business-intelligenceThe Business Intelligence Strategy (BI Strategy) addresses the needs of the organization to “optimize organizational decision making.”

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help corporate executives, business managers and other end users make more informed business decisions.

A new ERP system will not provide your company with a clear BI strategy. It holds the data and may have provided you with the software tools and canned reports, but not the data mining required to draw complex MIS reports and the vital decision making tools required to grow your business.

Core Elements of Business Intelligence Strategy

  • Identification of the information needs
    •  Including key performance metrics
  • Defining how you want to view the business information
    • How will you look at information?
    • What are the dimensions of the data?
  • The selection of the technology to be used to support the BI plan
  • The BI Users
  • The BI development plan

ERP Optimization

OptmizationAn effective ERP system must support a company’s financial and operational processes. Often, the ERP system is relegated to serve as a financial reporting tool only and does not support management’s decision making process or the seamless integration with other functional areas. Such an ERP system is a prime candidate for improvement or optimization. TED believes that long term success lies in the execution of a continuous improvement program, such as ERP Optimization. We help our clients through the intricacies of initial implementation as well as post implementation optimization projects. Our consultants apply a structured methodology and have extensive experience with ERP vendors such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle.

The need for Optimization: Why would your organization require an ERP improvement program?

  • Your organization has not fully recovered from the post go-live performance drag within six months of the initial rollout.
  • Streamlined business processes and anticipated productivity improvements remain elusive, while your organization struggles with informal processes and workarounds.
  • Low user acceptance because the ERP system is not meeting the immediate business needs.
  • Technical issues with software vendors are unresolved with no resolution in sight.

Our goal is to help organizations bridge the gap between business and IT. TED also offers additional service areas that can help your organization achieve its strategic and business goals.

  • Trading and Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Government
  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • ERP Research
    • The ERP Industry
    • ERP Industry Reports
    • ERP Surveys
  • ERP Education
    • ERP SuccessCamp
    • Webinars
    • ERP Quick Guide
  • ERP Guides and Blueprints