Datacenter Solutions

data centerMore and more organizations are centralizing their IT operations in today’s business environment with central data centers becoming a critical component in many organizations.

Organizations worldwide are placing greater demands on their data centres to provide business services faster, more efficiently and securely. This challenge to the IT department is exacerbated by growing computing and storage requirements, and the need to maintain service levels.

We help our clients on their journey towards a more efficient and agile data centre that enables greater automation and responsiveness in the delivery of business services in the following areas:

IT Environment Management

System Center solutions help IT pros manage the physical and virtual information technology (IT) environments across data centers, client computers, and devices. Using these integrated and automated management solutions, IT organizations can be more productive service providers to their businesses.

Data Migration

TED also provides data migration for data centers including applications, servers and physical shifting of equipment. TED can provide a complete physical data center with core elements including cooling, raised flooring, UPS, generators, racks, fire suppression systems, water detection and regular maintenance services.

Water Detection

TED provides water detection systems through water sensitive cables placed throughout the data center, floors, and ceilings, air conditioning units to ensure that any water leak is immediately detected and dealt with.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) Systems

TED’s wide range of UPS systems start from 300VA through to 300KVA. We are one of very few suppliers in the UAE who can provide high-phase UPS systems for large enterprises and we have specially trained engineers available for installation and maintenance.

Fire Suppression System

We supply fire suppression systems that are equipped with specialized FM200 gas. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, FM200 poses no risk to human health and no significant reduction in oxygen levels. FM200 gas is effective within 10 seconds of discharge so that fires are rapidly extinguished before they spread.

Raised Flooring

The key factors in any data center include the temperature and the amount of water in the air. Too much of either can result in huge losses for an organization; valuable equipment such as servers and storage must be maintained in precise conditions. The equipment we install ensures that air temperature and humidity levels are kept to manufacturer’s specifications. We also offer data center cabinets with their own built-in cooling systems.