About Our History

The Mission Of The Company Is To Achieve The Greatest Possible Of The Highest Levels Of Society, Which We Address From The Import And Export Of Basic Food Products, Security Rooms, Barracks, Guard Rooms, Border Posts, Gold, Oil, All Accessories Related To Army And Police, also Warehouses Of Sensitive Materials Which Operate On Solar In Normal And Emergency Situations And Groups Covering A Wide Range Of Levels Of Resistance To Bullets & Explosives, Which Are Characterized By High Standards In The Field Of Security And Safety With 35 Years’ Experience And Accredited Quality System (ISO) Certification.

We specialize in this field as follows:

1 - Euro Trade - Armored Security Rooms And Fittings Covering A Wide Range Of Bullet Resistance. 2- Dary Tyan-Shanya Ltd For White Honey And All Kinds Of Honey And Jam.

  • We Have All The Capabilities That Qualify Us To Take Any Commercial Agency.
  • We Have A Marketing Apparatus With The Highest Level Of Experience And Efficiency.
  • We Have A Special Department For Marketing And Public Relations For Commercial Agencies.
  • We Have A Special Department For Marketing Studies For The UAE Market And Abroad.
  • We Have A Distribution Device At The Highest Level Of Potential (Qualified And Qualified Sales Representatives - Distribution Vehicles Throughout The UAE).
  • Our Warehouses Are Spacious And Equipped With The Latest Equipment.
  • We Are Fully Aware Of All UAE Markets.
  • Our Location: We Enjoy A Privileged Position In The Center Of The Seven Emirates.
  • Working With A Commission System Or Conditional Term With Guarantees.
  • Innovation

    With a design that exceeds the standards, innovative technical specifications and use of materials that bring each time a new air to housing norms, it leads the developments in the field of prefabricated steel constructions.


    The execution of each project is determined by firm time schedules which are strictly followed within the accorded framework.


    Since the very first instance, each client feels that is being served by a company which he can trust, not only during project execution, but also through the after sales support offered.


    All solutions EUROtrade offers incorporate flexibility and provisions for extension in the event of potential modifications that may occur in your space. Furthermore, through the cost-minimizing systems applied, it offers all its services in even more competitive prices.

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