abt-usThe TED Computer Systems is an Information Technology & Physical Security Solutions provider that is focused on empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions. Since 2012, TED Systems has been at the forefront for providing latest technology solutions to the region. With a strong presence in United Arab Emirate

At TED, we’re committed to helping all of our customer’s succeed. We provide end-to-end IT and business process services that facilitate the ongoing evolution of our clients’ businesses. TED is committed to helping our clients achieve their business goals; to providing our professionals with rewarding careers; and to offering shareholders superior returns over time. Here, we are in the business of delivering results. At TED, we have a strong commitment to quality—a commitment that leads to business results for our clients. Our quality system represents a common language across TED, and our passion for operational excellence plays a key role in ensuring consistent service delivery. Our state of the art operations outlines the key strategies and processes that define and guide the management of TED and the management of our customers relationships.

The TED Dream

A number of governing ideas inspired the creation of TED and continue to drive its development. These ideas constitute what we call the TED “dream.” It is a dream based on a set of values to which we are profoundly attached. The dream has allowed us to assemble, all around the world, a team of extraordinary men and women who share it and are building a company that reflects their aspirations – who are, in fact, building their “own” company. Over the years, our team has built a clientele we are extremely proud of and whom we are dedicated to serving with the utmost skill.

This dream has its roots in the original and simple idea that first motivated TED’s founders when they created the company:

“To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of.”

From this very basic idea grew an entire business philosophy. Our resulting corporate governance values, policies and frameworks help us continuously manage and measure our ability to sustain our dream and balance the needs of our three stakeholders: our clients, our members and our shareholders. At TED, our dream inspires us to be a team of builders. With a drive for quality and excellence, TED members are committed to sharing in our clients’ business challenges, finding the best solutions, and achieving client success.

Meeting our customer’s needs

Meeting our customer’s needs is the reason we are in business. This is why our clients, members (professionals) and customer’s are at the heart of TED’s approach to quality management. At TED, we have integrated the concept of quality into every aspect of managing our company—from developing our strategic plans to serving our clients to assessing our members’ performance. Our quality system is structured to entrust responsibility for quality management to members at every level of our organization as TED strives to be the partner of choice for all our client’s.